Daily Update

Rudy Giuliani, Sheriff David Clark, Marcus Luttrell, and Melania Trump seem to be the standouts of the first night of the GOP Convention in Cleveland.   Many missed the emotional speech of Patricia Smith, mother of Sean Smith – murdered in Benghazi, who asks the question, if Hillary Clinton can not give us the truth, why should we give her the presidency?   Chris Matthews’ crosses the line with his remarks regarding Patricia Smith.

File this under good news:  GOP adopts most conservative platform ever.

The Heritage Foundation puts forth a blueprint for a Trump administration.

Health care costs continue to rise, despite the fact that Obama stated the cost of health care would be reduced.  Bill Hammond reminded us last week that NY’s health insurance costs surged.

Turkey in turmoil.  More on Turkey’s turmoil.    The NY Post editorial says “Night falls on Turkey.”

The NY Post editorial begins with “More bad news about the Iran nuclear deal landed Monday — a dangerous secret that President Obama has been keeping from the American people.”  Read the rest of it here.

De Blasio’s nonprofits yield windfall for his favorite consultants

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell.  Kudos to Mr. Sowell for another brilliant column.