Daily Update

Today’s news is still focused on the stunning decision of FBI Director James Comely to not recommend a criminal indictment of Hillary Clinton.  The Washington Post’s Daily 202 led off with this headline:  Clinton’s credibility gap widens after FBI rebuke; (of course, to balance its coverage it has a fair amount of negative Trump paragraphs.)  Another Washington Post article has this as its headline:  Six things we learned from the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email,  Most media would have you believe nothing new was revealed,  but credit the Washington Post for this column.  One more headline from the Washington Post:  How the FBI director systematically dismantled Hillary Clinton’s email defense.  Even the New York Times acknowledged that the FBI findings damage many of Hillary’s claims

John Podhoretz hits the nail on the head with his column:  FBI just told us we are in bad hands with Hillary.  John Crudele reminds us Hillary’s e-mail mess isn’t the first scandal where she skirted indictment.  The NY Post editorial board states “the fix was in” in today’s editorial.

The left and right were stunned by the quickness of Comey’s decision, but we have not heard the last of it as Director Comey has been called to Congress to testify on Clinton’s emails

Will Congress ask Comey about the 7 most damning lines he used?  I’m sure Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) has his own questions since he called the director’s presser “surprising and confusing.”  But just in case Congressman Chaffetz needs some reminders about Hillary’s lies, he can use this article.

Here is the Daily Signal’s take on the Comey presser. 

John R. Lott has some thoughts on why Hillary dodged a bullet.

As a Pro-Life Woman She Vowed to Never Vote for Donald Trump. Here’s Why She Changed Her Mind

And here is a gentleman who understands what this presidential election is all about.

Gov. Cuomo’s key jobs program is failing spectacularly.

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