Weekly Wrap-Up

Our Weekly Wrap-Up is a day early this week thanks to the July 4th holiday. With summer in full swing, what are you most grateful for as an American right now? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll. 

The Republican Party’s “blue-collar heroes” are finding themselves in much agreement with Donald Trump and his supporters – and as I said this week Trump could be in a position to turn things around for the GOP here in New York. And this week’s victories by anti-establishment candidates is a good sign of what’s ahead.

This year’s election is important, because right now religious liberty, the right to life and the Second Amendment (along with due process) are just a few of the constitutional principles that are under assault by the Left as we celebrate the 4th of July. A bill that could let liberals trample free speech was just approved here in New York. 

Which of our liberties do you believe is most threatened on this Independence Day? That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll.

The new Benghazi report is out – you can read the full report here

The Washington Examiner has the nine biggest Benghazi committee discoveries. 

It’s clear to anyone willing to take a reasonable look at the report that Hillary Clinton was part of a massive deception, and put her own ambitions above the law.  

National Review says that what we now know about Benghazi deserves a reckoning. In a just world, the Benghazi debacle would have ended Hillary Clinton’s career

It’s funny to see Democrats griping about the price tag of the Benghazi investigation – who knew liberals were capable of worrying about how much government costs? If the Democrats are suddenly budget conscious, the Weekly Standard has a list of ten government spending sprees that cost more than the Benghazi investigation. 

The NRA has released a powerful ad against Hillary Clinton, featuring a Benghazi hero. 

The terrorist attacks continue worldwide, and the Obama Administration continues to prove that it is incapable of understanding the problem. 

There were already calls for Attorney General Loretta Lynch to resign after her ridiculously naïve claim that “love” is the best weapon against terrorism – and now she has further undermined the integrity of the Department of Justice by holding a secret meeting with Bill Clinton as Hillary is under investigation by the FBI. 

According to the Attorney General, Clinton went out of his way to wait for her arrival in Phoenix and make his way to her private jet simply to talk about grandchildren and golf. As Red State reports, the meeting is a violation of Department of Justice ethics regulations

Even Democrats are having a hard time defending this corruption. 

What do you think Lynch and Clinton talked about in their secret meeting? That’s the third and final question in our new Weekly Poll – we had some fun with the answers, and I look forward to seeing everyone’s votes. 

Have a great weekend!