Daily Update

The House Benghazi Report is released and this is what Congressman Trey Gowdy has said about his report that it is not meant to be an indictment of Mrs. Clinton, but rather a look at the full picture in the run-up to the attack, the handling of the attack that night, and the effort to erroneously blame a video later.  Here is some coverage of the report; from the Washington Times, here and here;  from Politico; from NBC News; from the NY Post; and from Fox News here and here.   You can read the full report here.   

Naturally, the Clinton campaign blasts the report as partisan

FLASHBACK: When Hillary Stood in Front of Flag Draped Coffins And Lied About a Video

Guy Benson opines on Hillary’s lies

Judge Andrew Napoltano on the Benghazi report and Hillary’s capacity for lying.

Brexit Petition for Second Referendum Exposed As Fake

Did the Supreme Court Justices even consider this?  Or the fact that pro-lifers will NEVER give up.

Does the Democratic Party really want to curtail the First Amendment now?  Democratic Party platform calls for prosecuting climate change skeptics.  

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