Weekly Wrap-Up

Great Britain has voted to exit the European Union.  Some predict a great deal of trouble ahead, but others see June 23 as Britain’s “Independence Day.”  

So what’s next? Like a cult, leaving the European Union isn’t as easy as it seems.    

Many feel that the Brexit vote to remove Great Britain from the European Union, is a sign that voters everywhere are fed up with the status quo and want to take a stand against political elites who want to run people’s lives.  Do you agree?

That is the first of our three new Weekly Poll questions.  I hope you’ll vote today.  

Now, back to the States… 

This week we discovered that the left suddenly loves a government shutdown.  House Speaker Paul Ryan rightly labeled the Democrats’ 1960s-style protest a “publicity stunt,” but their grandstanding did give us a look at the liberals’ true intentions

Now on to presidential politics: “The Dirty Dozen” is a popular phrase rooted in pop culture, but to cover all of Hillary’s scandals it has to be expanded to “The Dirty TWO Dozen” – and still, the hits just keep coming and coming
Donald Trump gave a speech Wednesday detailing Hillary’s corruption and dishonesty – and in that speech, we can determine the Trump campaign’s five-part attack plan against Clinton, Inc. According to The Wall Street Journal, the specific points Trump is making include: 

  • Hillary is the insider who represents a “rigged system.”
  • Hillary benefits personally from being an insider while those outside the system suffer.
  • Trade agreements illustrate how the insider-run system hurts average Americans. 
  • Immigration added to trade policies creates an even bigger problem. 
  • The American people can’t trust Hillary Clinton. 

I like this take on Trump’s campaign strategy, and I want to see what you think. So here’s the second Weekly Poll question: Which part of Donald Trump’s five-point attack plan against Hillary Clinton do you think will resonate MOST with voters? 

Byron York of the Washington Examiner urges everyone to not overlook the substance of Trump’s speech. The New York Post agrees wholeheartedly

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders says that he will vote for Hillary Clinton this November – even though he’s staying in the race. (Sanders is a pro at spending other people’s money.) 

Here’s our third and final Weekly Pol question: Do you believe that Bernie Sanders’ socialist supporters will follow their candidate’s lead and throw their support behind Hillary Clinton and the liberal establishment? 

Let me know what you think, and have a great weekend!