Daily Update

The Obama Administration is ruling by fiat again!  Everyone agrees that a known terrorist should not be allowed to purchase a gun…any gun.  The problem is who decides who is on the “no fly list”.  No one really knows who does the list and once on it…it is almost impossible to get your name cleared.  What we do know is that there are some in government out to harm those who dare to disagree with them and that should give all of us a reason to be cautious of a “no fly list” with little recourse to clear your name.

Sen. Ted Cruz reminds us of the 76 Abuses of Power and Lawless Actions by The Obama Administration and these are only through January of 2015.  We can also add The FCC ruling just upheld by a federal appeals court. 

Some elected official in our government are determined to undermine conservatives. 

John Lott’s article — Why terrorists target gun-free zones — should be read by all those who think gun control laws are the answer. 

Orlando shooter posted messages on Facebook pledging allegiance to the leader of ISIS and vowing more attacks…would any laws have stopped this crazed person?

Do we really want women to register for the draft?  I for one do not!

Is Speaker Heasti playing with us?

Bill Hammond writes in The Torch that Albany’s cancer bill misses the mark.

It has been a rough week news wise, so a little bit of humor is needed