Daily Update

The Obama Administration again renews its call for more gun control — they are so misguided on this issue. 

Michael Goodwin writes in his column — Obama’s tantrum a striking display of failed leadership —  He laid waste to a field of straw men, cable-TV pundits and the always-evil “partisan rhetoric,” by which he means anyone who disagrees with him. It was a striking display of personal anger and pent-up grievances — and a total failure of leadership during a national crisis.

Former Senator Jim DeMint has it right when he says our enemy is political islam, not each other.

Todd Starnes is right when he writes that the enemy is radical Islam, not the National Rifle Association.

Red State writes:  No, the Founding Fathers Would Not Have Objected To Assault Weapon Ownership Or Any Weapon At All

And lest anyone tries to argue that Australia’s gun confiscation worked in reducing mass shootings, read this.  Not convinced yet, read this

The Democrats in the Senate continue to ignore facts and demand more gun control.  They obviously do not understand just how brilliant our Founding Fathers were — granting an ordinary citizen the right to bear arms in order to preserve the freedoms granted after freeing themselves from the tyranny they had endured. 

Ralph Peters has a few suggestions — other than gun control — on how to defeat the Islamist fanatics.

More bad news regarding Common Core:  It doesn’t prepare students for college. 

Mayor de Blasio beware; Rev. Michel Falukner wants your job.

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