Daily Update

The Daily Signal says it all:  Obama’s Shameful Pivot to Gun Control After Orlando.  Ambassador John Bolton reacts to the tragedy.  Part of what he said is this, “We will, in the coming days, doubtless hear that the terrorist was a lone wolf, that he did not belong to any known terrorist organization, that there are no wider threats.  In particular, those who are blind to the terrorist threat will downplay even the incontrovertible fact that Mateen pledged loyalty to ISIS as he committed his murders.”  Here is what President Obama said today, “…it appears the Orlando nightclub shooter was inspired by extremist information disseminated over the internet,” after his FBI Chief Comey said this, “… it appears Mateen was a self-radicalized lone wolf with no apparent help from overseas forces.”  I have one question to President Obama and FBI Chief Comey:  Please explain to me the coincidence of James Wesley Howell’s arrest. 

After Orlando, can we finally take the gloves off?

John Podhortez had a swift reaction to the President’s words yesterday. 

Hillary wasn’t very different than Obama in her reaction. Hey Hillary if you truly believe “This is a time to stand together and resolve to do everything we can to defend our communities and country,” when are you going to acknowledge that America is under attack by Islamic terrorists?

Hillary must have been reading America’s reaction to the Orland tragedy, as she has broken with Obama and dared to say “radical Islamism” was fueled the massacre. This just proves that Hillary will say … or use any words … that will help get her elected.  That is what happens when you do not have a moral compass. 

  France has very strict gun control and that didn’t prevent an attack on Paris, did it Madam Secretary.  Forget the role of Secretary of State — diplomacy — and try standing as a Commander-in-Chief…if you know how.  So far you haven’t shown any American that you can accept the mantle of Commander-in-Chief…your husband couldn’t either.

Hillary and Bill certainly do know how to shake down groups for big pay checks. In case you missed Saturday’s NY Post editorial on Hillary’s selling the State Department, here it is.

Here is what Chairman Long said about fantasy sports in New York State last week.

Wendy Long and Laura Ingram refute character attacks on Donald J. Trump.