Weekly Wrap-Up

Barack Obama says that Hillary is more qualified to be President than he is. Talk about lowering the bar!

And the media is demanding that we all celebrate Hillary’s capture of the Democratic nomination. Let the identity politics begin…

Journalists are certainly debasing themselves giving “aid and comfort” to the Clinton campaign – and Google seems to be in her pocket as well (joining Facebook there, of course).

This leads me to our new Weekly Poll questions: Compared to Barack Obama, do you believe Hillary is more qualified to be President, less qualified, or equally qualified? How do you think liberal “journalists” will show their bias the MOST as Election Day nears? Do you believe reports that internet titans Facebook and Google are skewing the news in favor of Hillary? 

I look forward to seeing how everyone responds this week. 

Another week, another scandal for Hillary: how exactly did her big donor get appointed to an Intelligence Board for which he was completely unqualified?  (The key words here, of course, are “big donor.”)

And remember when exposing CIA agents was considered a crime against all humanity by the Washington press corps? But they’re fine with the possibility that Hillary did just that.

Meanwhile the White House assures us that President Obama’s endorsement of Hillary while she’s under investigation won’t influence the FBI at all.

Thanks to the “Obamaphone” program, we have 500 million more reasons why Obama is a terrible President – and thanks to Iran, we have 1.7 billion more.  

And stories like this show how Trump is a much-needed voice for the victims of “social justice warriors.” 



Have a great weekend!