Daily Update

Unfortunately, it is beginning to look like Preet Bharara will never run out of corruption probes.  He continues to do an exceptional job in protecting citizens from corrupt leaders; it is, however, time for citizens to make certain that those we designate to lead are trustworthy. 

Corruption is not limited to elected officials, this video shows corruption in our education system and regrettably will leave a lasting impression on our youth. If anyone thinks the students do not know what is going on — we have a bridge to sell you.

JCOPE was hailed by Governor Cuomo, “This new ethics reform law brings an aggressive new approach to returning integrity to the halls of our Capitol…”  and now we learn that JCOPE’s policies allowed Joe Perocco to avoid disclosures.  Obviously,  the fox cannot guard the hen house.   The solution hypocrite Andrew Cuomo is promoting now is not the answer to the corruption wave…after benefiting from super PAC’s,  he now thinks the US Supreme Court decision is corrupting the system.  What is corrupting the system is an overall lack of moral values in some individuals.  And voter’s turning a blind eye.

More workers are losing their jobs due to the increase in the minimum wage increase.

Job creation is the number one concern of Americans…who better to put in charge than a man who has actually created jobs

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