Daily Update

Chairman Long in an interview on Wednesday said he is opposed to the current daily fantasy sports proposal, saying the measure is an expansion of gambling in the state.  Read more here.

It’s official:  Hillary has the delegates to become the first woman to run for president on a major party line.  I’ll paraphrase Hillary’s quote at the Benghazi Hearings, “What difference does it make?”  We are not talking about a woman with the principles of Margaret Thatcher.  They are hailing a woman who didn’t answer the 3:00 AM call to save Americans — saying how wonderful it is that history has been made.  Hillary Clinton is the presumptive nominee of a political party that has systematically and deliberately try to change the core values that made America the greatest nation in the world and tries to make government the answer to all of life’s problems.  She is part of America’s current Oligarchy…soon to be dismantled.  The press may be hailing Hillary, but America’s citizens know that this woman who exploited the goodness of America in every way possible to become the nominee is about to learn the difference it made was the presidency. 

Why is it that the press is not covering this?

The Obama Administration listens to unions and ignores reality when it comes to wages.  Hillary will continue keeping wages down. 

Former Lt. Governor, Betsy McCaughey, writes in the NY Post that if you want economic growth, pick the candidate who’s actually created jobs

Michael Goodwin has some fair observations in today’s column, Trump is doing a great job if he’s trying to lose

Oh my, Mayor de Blasio faces more questions

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.