Daily Update

Chairman Mike Long sat down with The G Man and talked about the upcoming presidential race.  Listen or watch the interview here

Mayor de Blasio continues to increase spending on infrastructure despite criticism.  Infrastructure is essential and Mayor de Blasio, as noted in previous article, has few qualms about the increased spending.  Wouldn’t our limited tax dollars be better spent on necessary and essential items, rather than advertisements like this.

File Rich Lowry’s column in today’s NY Post under:  Common Sense.

More common sense:  The answer to Zika is obvious: Bring back DDT.

Be prepared:  Car Insurance rates are about to soar.

Socialist Venezuela newest problem:  Crime. Somebody let Bernie’s followers know the true cost of socialism.  Dennis Prager sounds off on Bernie.

Will we have to bail out union pensions?

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell:  Part I of Is Personal Responsibility Obsolete? Part II is here.