Weekly Wrap-Up

Another month, another report of a sluggish economy and disappointing job growth. President Obama continues to subject hard-working Americans to a “part-time” economy.

Yet it’s Obama who whines about criticism of the poor job he’s done as President – going so far as to single out VFW halls as bastions of ignorance and misinformation. The VFW is, of course, having none of that – and the Weekly Standard points out that it’s Obama, not veterans, who have a “warped” view of the economy.

And of course, Obama focused on his top priority right now – not creating jobs or protecting America, but bashing Donald Trump and his economic policies.

We have a new Weekly Poll posted, and this week I want to focus on the jobs and economic growth.  

So think about where you live in New York (or wherever you may be) – do you see signs that the economy is getting better or worse?  Overall, which liberal policy championed by President Obama and Hillary Clinton do you think is doing the most damage to the U.S. economy? And do you think Donald Trump has what it takes to get the economy back on track? 

I hope you will vote today – I always enjoy getting a glimpse at what friends of the Conservative Party are thinking.

Last week’s Poll was about Hillary’s incompetence and corruption, and we’re hearing even more about that this week. 

Investor’s Business Daily shares three problems that Hillary can’t escape as she tries to dodge her email scandal – and it turns out, the punishment could be harsh. 

Corruption continues at the State Department, where facts are being scrubbed to fit the Obama Administration’s Iran narrative. 

Hillary gave a supposedly “major” foreign policy speech this week – but like Obama, her main focus is on attacking Trump. The Post points out that with most of her attacks, Hillary is actually describing herself.

Are Hillary’s shortcomings about to hit her campaign hard in the California primary? 

Have a great weekend!