Daily Update

Two polls are out today — one New York poll and one national poll — have conflicting messages, which is why I believe professional political polling is overrated.  The Siena Poll states the people of New York thinks the legislators should focus on corruption, no argument from me on the fact that corruption is a problem, albeit, we do not fully agree on how to end corruption.  (Term limits vs full time legislature which is a discussion for another day.)  The national poll, by Rasmussen boggles my mind when it reports that 50% of respondents think Hillary Clinton should keep running even if indicted.  I do believe some people are indicted when totally innocent, but have the 50% that say she should still run been reading the news?  Benghazi, unsecured server, the Clinton Foundation, the scorched earth approach to Bill’s “friends”, just to name some of the attributed dubious actions in Hillary’s life.  So, it is okay to have a trail of corruption before being elected, but once elected, people are very concerned about corruption…and expect those very same people to put an end to corruption.  

The Mayor’s problems are not going away.  Obviously, he knows where there is smoke there is fire, probably why he is returning $32,200 in campaign funds

Mayor de Blasio’s is dooming our children to a life of failure.  Our children deserve more than this Mayor is willing to give to them;  it’s time to end the pandering to the teacher’s union.

It really is time we elect officials that treat public money as if it were their own. 

Here is George Marlin’s latest on New York’s fiscal mess.

Obama is the problem, not transgendered.   According to the Daily Signal, it isn’t only bathrooms that are subjected to Obama’s directive.