Weekly Wrap-Up

Monday is Memorial Day – an observance with an interesting history, and New York roots.  Waterloo, the official birthplace of Memorial Day, is celebrating the 150th anniversary of this important commemoration. Let’s not forget the true meaning of Memorial Day.

As we remember those who have served and sacrificed, we mustn’t forget that this year we will select a new commander-in-chief. Hillary Clinton thinks she deserves the role – what do you think is her biggest disqualification? What do you see in Donald Trump’s leadership that you believe makes him qualified to lead our troops? And which word do you think best describes President Obama’s reign as commander-in-chief? 

Those are the questions in our new Weekly Poll. I hope you’ll vote now!

Is there any end to Clintonian corruption? We’re learning more about Hillary’s risky email setup. Here are six Clinton contradictions exposed by the new State Department audit. 

Did Hillary’s reckless behavior ruin counter-terrorism efforts?

There’s a new reek from “Clinton Inc.” – Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe is now under investigation for his dealings with a Clinton Foundation donor.

Rich Lowry recaps Hillary’s war on women.

With these never ending scandals, it’s no surprise that Hillary —can’t seem to close the deal— with Democrats. 

Meanwhile things are looking up for Donald Trump, who this week earned the delegates needed to clinch the GOP nomination. 

No surprise here – wasteful government spending has exploded under President Obama. 

And no surprise here, either – liberal Katie Couric’s anti-Second Amendment “documentary” was —rigged— against gun owners. 

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day.