Daily Update

Mayor de Blasio wants control of the NYC schools for all the wrong reasons.  Having a Mayor in control is actually good; when they are in control — and do not do what is right for the students — they will be voted out

How pathetic:  Scandal-plagued de Blasio begs City Council for public support.

NYC Council to End Criminal Penalties for Public Urination, Other Low-Level Offenses.  Supporters of these changes have long maintained that the NYPD disproportionately arrests and charges nonwhites for such infractions, often leaving young black and Latino men with damaging criminal records…enough said

Sen. James Lankford, R-OK, enlightens us about how the Zika virus has become a US budget emergency due to President Obama’s raiding of infectious disease money to fund….climate change!  Here is Betsy McCaughey’s take on Obama’s deadly globalism.

Wow, VA Secretary Robert McDonald just doesn’t understand the firestorm he created.  How does the head of such an important agency not understand the comparison of Disney wait lines and life or death wait lines.  This is the McDonald solution.

Rich Lowry opines on Hillary’s inability to explain why she should be president.

Obama’s regulation nation; 20,642 regulations…so far.

Hillary and Bill’s close friend, Gov. Terry McAuliffe, seems to have some pending problems with his campaign finances.

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell.