Weekly Wrap-Up

“Donald Trump took an important step Wednesday in his quest to convince conservatives that, if elected president, he will deliver on the issues they care about,” Fox News reports, sharing details of the list of 11 possible Supreme Court picks released this week by the Trump campaign. 

Some conservatives are giving the potential picks rave reviews, while Investor’s Business Daily says the list simply shows Trumps political skills – not his true principles. 

What do you think about this, and the other defining issues of the 2016 campaign such as the economy and national security? 

If Trump wins the White House, will he feel extra pressure to nominate a trusted conservative to the Supreme Court?  Do you trust Trump to actually support conservative economic policies if he wins in November? Are you confident that, should he win the White House, Trump will take meaningful steps to protect America? 

These are the questions I’ve selected for our new Weekly Poll – I hope you’ll vote today, and let me know what you think might happen during a Trump Administration. 

This week has brought good news for Trump, as new polling gives him a lead over Hillary Clinton. Byron York of the Washington Examiner gives his thoughts on how Trump’s lead changes the race.

Trump is also getting new support from GOP big donors who previously fought him tooth-and-nail – and his dominance of the media also poses a threat to the Clinton campaign.

Hillary, meanwhile, is confident that the Democratic nomination is hers – and she is refusing to debate Bernie Sanders, as she had promised. But her support within the Democratic Party is far from enthusiastic

It’s all part of what John Podhoretz describes as a “painfully stupid campaign” by Team Clinton.

Here in New York, the de Blasio spectacle continues, as the Mayor goes into Nixon mode with a massive cover-up

Have a great weekend!