Daily Update

In case you missed Chairman Long on Fred Dicker’s Live from the State Capitol, you can listen to it here

Also in the breaking news category, John Gizzy, writes in Newsmax, that with the overwhelming support of the Conservative Party, New York State’s electoral votes could be in play.

The ramifications of the Bathroom Bill decree by the Obama Administration continues — the Daily Signal has two articles, one here and the other one here, the National Center for Public Policy Research has more here. Cal Thomas had this to say.

E. J. McMahon writing in the City Journal exposes the problems of Governor Cuomo’s clubby approach to economic development.   Jimmy Vielkind continues his investigative reporting on Joe Percocco here. 

Why are these projects going forward now

Mayor de Blasio can’t be happy with this NY Post article by Rich Calder or this one in yesterday’s NY Post by Michael Goodwin.

If isn’t only the Board of Education undermining the education of children, sometimes it is actually the parents — at least the last parent in the article came to her senses. 

More bad news for the economy in New York State.

Forbes says US Pension’s are funded at half the levels of other countries —  regular followers of E. J. McMahon already knew that our pensions are in trouble. 

Hillary hints that she will charge Bill Clinton with fixing the economy.  Hmmm, I thought she supports all that Obama did to fix the economy.  As a reminder to Hillary, Bill Clinton’s economy had help from Speaker Newt Gingrich, and will he run the economy the way he is running the Clinton Foundation

A feverish push back only brings to mind… “The Lady doth protest too much, methinks,”  Hamlet, Act 3.