Weekly Wrap-Up

Now that the top spots seem to be locked up, there’s a lot of talk and even some bets on who Trump and Clinton might choose as their running mates. 

Of the people who have been mentioned so far, who do you think Trump will choose as his Vice-President? And what about Clinton – who do you think will be her running mate? And does it matter – do you think the vice-presidential choice can make or break a presidential candidate’s chances of winning?

These are the questions in our newest Weekly Poll. It will be very interesting to see what people think. (And down the road, we can compare the results to the actual selections and see if the predictions holdup!)

In the battle of the campaign hashtags, some conservatives are starting to believe that #NeverHillary trumps #NeverTrump

But in theory, there are other choices

One professor who has correctly predicted every presidential race since 1984 has no idea what to make of this year’s campaign.

Hapless, hopeless Hillary is facing new questions about her Benghazi failures, and is in the middle of a host of new scandals – from her dangerous use of a private, non-secure Blackberry device to the Clinton Foundation’s wheeling-and-dealing.

Of course, don’t look for Hillary’s wrongdoings to be “trending topics” on Facebook. 

This week the courts finally got one right on Obamacare – but D.C. regulators and the White House are joining forces to do as much damage as they can before Obama leaves office.

It’s Friday the 13th, so we’ll end on some craziness – the Obama Administration is determined to force schools to abolish boys and girls bathrooms.  

Have a great weekend!