Daily Update

The Daily Signal’s Bruce Klingner explains why Obama is wrong to focus on Hiroshima.  This is an excellent article and should be widely circulated in light of the fact that much of what Mr. Klingner writes is omitted in today’s history lessons.

The Hill’s headline —  Justice’s reputation hangs in balance of Clinton probe — says it all.

Judges aren’t happy about this decision, but taxpayer’s should be; every penny counts.

Healthcare expert, former Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey, makes the case for Trump’s call to not cut Medicare over Congressman Paul Ryan’s expected call to keep some of Obamacare’s cuts in place. 

Does John Stossel have the best answer for healthcare?  Free-market medicine sounds good, and it is what drove our country to have the best medical care in the world.  

Cuomo has no regrets about not asking about Percocco’s private work.  I guess if you don’t ask, they when you are asked, you can honestly say you don’t know.  Does the law degree drive the Governor or do years in the political screen drive him to not ask certain questions.

Fiscal expert, E. J. McMahon, gave comptroller Tom DiNapoli some kudos for pushing some fiscal reforms long called for by him and the Conservative Party.

Oh dear, Londoner’s new mayor wants to meet with Rahm Emanuel and Mayor de Blasio.  We hope for their sake it is to learn what not to do.

We are not the only ones impressed with Governor Pat McCrory

Seriously, NIH?  Why wouldn’t you put money aside for emergencies like the Zika virus instead of spending it on hopped up honey bees and sexy gold fish?

Mr. Mayor, how’s the Chick-fil-A boycott going?

White House National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, told graduates this on Wednesday:  “there are too many white people in key government posts, creating the danger of “groupthink” that could put U.S. security at risk.”  This from the woman who went on national television in September 2012 with the administration’s talking points on Benghazi that we now know were out right lies.

Mr. President, is this really want you want Malia to be taught at Harvard?  Then again, it isn’t all that different than what you heard from your Pastor.

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.