Daily Update

President Obama is going to visit Hiroshima next month where he will most likely continue his assault on American exceptionalism.  While the article states the President will not apologize, it doesn’t mean won’t come close.

Would the Administration alter TV tapes?  According to Fox News reporter, James Rosen, it did.  How Nixonian!

Seems like the State Department had another nixonian moments also.   Not one email between Hillary and her IT guy.  Rather strange…not even one to say it was up and running and he was done. 

Gregg Jarrett opines on the real reason the FBI interviewed disgraced congressman Weiner’s wife.

One would think that the Mayor of New York City would have the best interests of students as his priority, not the Teacher’s union.  Mayor de Blasio is so wrong on this issue.

The NY Post editorial board does not think the Mayor can call the numerous investigations “political conspiracy.”

Jon Campbell has more information regarding the Cuomo probe.

Why can’t a child’s movie, just be a movie?

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell.