Weekly Wrap-Up

The Washington Free Beacon puts it bluntly: Ben Rhodes is a liar. You might not recognize the name, but you know the dangerous Iran policy he pushed through. Now this top Obama Administration official (who was at one time officially a fiction writer) is bragging about how he played the media and the public for chumps to sell the President’s Iran deal. 

What word do you believe best describes the Obama Administration? Of all the issues tackled by President Obama, which one do you think he and his aides have lied about the most? Do you think that either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be more truthful than President Obama? 

Please give your answers in our new Weekly Poll. I look forward to hearing what you think! 

Trump vs. Clinton – will this election rest on who voters hate the least? Investor’s Business Daily thinks so. 

But the Post thinks Trump’s challenge is far easier than Clinton’s – and as the Washington Free Beacon notes, Hillary is still fighting a two-front war against both Trump and the persistent Bernie Sanders.

And it’s worth noting that a strong majority of Americans share Trump’s “America First” foreign policy philosophy. 

The Bush Family and Mitt Romney have announced that they will not be supporting Trump or attending the Republican National Convention. House Speaker Paul Ryan has stated that he’s not ready to support Trump, but a meeting between the two seems to be in the offing. 

Meanwhile former Trump adversaries Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal have come out for Trump, and overall the GOP is showing more signs of unifying behind his campaign.

Speaking of Hillary – her email scandal continues to deepen. The State Department continues to do her bidding, and new hacking allegations prove in no uncertain terms exactly why Hillary’s server was so risky. It’s now clear that the investigation could extend beyond November 2016 – and it’s conceivable that a President Hillary Clinton could be barred from seeing classified documents. 

Here at home – another day, another scandal for New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. Is his corruption a possible lifeline for our state’s embattled Republican Party? 

Have a great weekend!