Daily Update

Hillary’s bad news day was more than just losing the Indiana primary, it also included the fact that her server was easily hacked by Guccifer.  Judge Napolitano says proof of hacking would make it almost impossible not to charge her.  Why did she pay $187 to Nevada based American Document Destruction, Inc.?  Companies in New York do the same thing; did she think it would be too obvious to destroy a hard drive in her home state? 

The US 9th Circuit Court (known to be the most liberal)  gave Arizona a big win with their decision to allow Arizona to impose their own stiff penalties on illegal immigrants — or others — who steal someone’s identity in order to get a job. 

The Empire Center explains more about the real costs of the minimum wage increase here.

David Stockman explains in five reasons why Puerto Rico is bankrupt. Upon examining the five reasons, New York State (and other states)  citizens should be concerned as many are heading down that roads of government waste and spending; the minimum wage; a dependence on debt; the lack of adaptability and lastly union greed.  All items we have been very vocal on. 

Powerline strikes back at the extreme overreach of Obama’s Department of Justice’s attack on North Carolina’s recent reasonable law requiring that bathrooms, locker rooms and so on be used by those of the proper sex–male or female, based on physical organs.  More on this from Fox News.  Fifty-one families in Illinois are fighting one high schools transgendered policy. 

Mr. Percocco is not having a good week, neither is the Governor

Mayor de Blasio is still raising money for his planned re-election.  While de Blasio is raising money he is telling New Yorkers not to eat at Chick-Fil-A because he doesn’t like their politics. 

Rand Paul wants to end abortion on demand.  Here is his plan.  

Meanwhile, scientists are growing human embryos in laboratories specifically to preform experiments on them and later destroy.