Daily Update

Mayor de Blasio is becoming Mayor Denial.  But when not on the radio, it looks as if he is preparing for a crisis.  

It also looks like Governor Cuomo knows more that he indicated over the weekend when his closest friend was subpoenaed. 

Former Mayor Bloomberg has some wise words for those who think “safe spaces” are required in colleges.

Talking about common sense, listen to Chairman Long when he was on Buffalo Review speaking on the North Carolina “Bathroom Bill.”

After 40 years, Senator Farley had decided he won’t run for Senate again.  

A new Siena Poll say voters want reform.  The Conservative Party sent each member of the legislature a letter this morning, calling for the one true reform that will help end the culture of corruption in Albany:  Term Limits!  You can read the letter here, then click on our petition, sign it and return to the NYS Conservative Party @ 486 78th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209.  The number of petitions returned really matters to the members, so please circulate to your friends, family and neighbors.  

Kudos to Judge Arthur Engoron for upholding the law and not being an activist judge!

President Obama, hang your head in shame!  Your role is Commander-in-Chief, be one.

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