Daily Update

Mayor de Blasio is probably questioning why he agreed to do a TV show on Channel 4 in New York City. 

Last week Hillary celebrated the first anniversary of her campaign, National Review condenses that year here.  Are the Clinton’s tied to the Panama Papers, many of their friends are. 

Michael Goodwin’s Sunday column in the NY Post makes the case for NOT voting for Hillary.  In part “As The New York Times documented, and as Sanders has emphasized, Clinton’s regime-change strategy for Libya was a colossal failure that created a humanitarian disaster and a terrorist base.”  Read the rest of what he has to say here.

The Daily Caller also reports on how Hillary repays her supporters.  And this was done when Secretary of State, just think of what she can (and will) do if president with every federal agency under her control. 

All millennials — especially those who support Bernie — must read this.   And Bernie needs a reminder in economics.  Here is a good article for him to read so he will understand why promising “free college” is a bad idea.  And this is for all Bernie supporters:  this is what you paycheck will look like under a Sander’s Administration.

Sharon Kehnemui has a great article on Fox News explaining how important it is to know history — a concept millennials and younger students are not being taught.

Now that your taxes have been filed, read this to find out where they are going.  Federal spending is obviously out of control and whomever is elected in 2016 will have to make the right decisions to protect our Republic.  Does anyone believe Bernie or Hillary are capable of doing that — if so, you are not paying attention to what they are saying.  The Republic is in our hands.  Sharon Kehnemui’s opinion piece is a good reminder to all.