Weekly Wrap-Up

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio makes a racially insensitive joke that would have most politicians resigning in disgrace, Hillary Clinton throws him under the bus, and the media elites tell us it’s really not a big deal. This is your Democratic Party, folks. 

The Mayor’s had a rough week – from the corruption probe that may be turning into a web of lies and to the off-color joke, to his role as the “bad guy” in New York’s primary campaign… and his job approval ratings are tanking.

What do you think about Mayor de Blasio – is he making our state look bad? Do you think he’s getting a free pass by the media for a joke that would get most politicians in deep trouble? Are you surprised by new allegations of corruption during his campaign? 

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In presidential politics, the New York Post has endorsed Donald Trump, while the Washington Free Beacon wants to know what John Kasich thinks he’s accomplishing by staying in the race. (Fun fact: Kasich currently has fewer delegates than Marco Rubio, who is no longer a candidate.)

The Democratic debate was a brawl, with Hillary blasting Bernie and Bernie mocking Hillary – or, as John Podhoretz puts it, “just old people yelling.” 

Meanwhile the upstate job slump continues – and this is before Andrew Cuomo’s $15-an-hour minimum wage kicks in. Workers will continue to suffer under this new mandate, but unions will reap the benefits.

Will Canada’s new push for “assisted suicide” be the model for New York? The culture of death is indeed flourishing, though Jonah Goldberg notes that in the battle over abortion there’s a truth that liberals can’t deny, but try to desperately.

Here’s the state of our world: America is this close to war with Russia, North Korea continues its missile push and our country is literally being invaded thanks to lax immigration laws and border security. 

But the baseball season is in full swing, spring is here, and it’s shaping up to be a beautiful weekend. Have a great one!