Daily Update

According to the NY Post, Mayor de Blasio insisted on Sunday that he knows nothing about the investigation that has made headlines since Friday.  Is anyone surprised at his response?  Politico New York has more on the Mayor’s mess.  Politico also reports that according to the minutes taken at the June 24, 2015 meeting of the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services, (the meeting was sparsely attended) that no one spoke against deed restriction change that allowed a health care facility on Manhattan’s Lower East Side to become a luxury condo development, another controversial subject the Mayor in embroiled in.  Over the weekend, Michael Goodwin wrote about how de Blasio’s lust for power will be his final downfall.  Sometimes you do not need a crystal ball to tell the future. 

Did Gov. Cuomo’s need to micromanage everything, lead to the resignation of the head of the State Police?

Governor Cuomo loves to grandstand.

So do the AG’s united for clean power.

More than 20,000 students have applied for the 3,228 available spots — in New York City — according to data from the network of charter schools.

What would you think of a company that had no employees or assets, in fact, it seems to exist only to collect and hide large checks to a former president from foreign backers and Wall Street donors?  And it was not disclosed by a certain woman running for president.  Read more about WJC, LLC here.  Then there is this — where WJC, LLC’s physical address is, and another company of interest, ZFS Holdings, LLC. 

President Obama may have said “no influence in Clinton email probe” but all I heard was his influence.

One thing is certain, New York matters for the first time in a long time this primary season and it may very well matter until November 8.

Carly Fiorina, a breath of fresh air, in the rough and tumble world of politics.