Daily Update

Most news reports are saying there is an agreement on the NYS Budget, but like Obamacare, those who are voting on the Budget will not really know what it contains until after it passes.  The news, however, on the minimum wage is distressing, as it appears that Governor Cuomo’s union-backed increase is included, despite the outcry of many who opposed the job-killing increase.  Former comptroller candidate, Harry Wilson, spoke to Fred Dicker on Monday, (Mr. Wilson begins at the 23:30 mark) countless editorials and economic studies and our own efforts (see previous posts and press releases) on behalf of the taxpayers. The Bully-in-Chief uses his bully pulpit to enforce what he wants. New York’s decline will escalate dramatically if Republicans lose the NYS Senate in this presidential year, as opposed to the death by a thousand cuts it currently is experiencing with the Governor, Assembly Speaker and Independent Democratic Conference Leader coalescing for their agenda. Taxpayers have one hope — give the Republicans the majority.  If not, New York State will become New York City or a modern day ghost town.

Scott Stringer’s empty empathy for small businesses.

How liberal policies destroyed black families.

Judge Nicholas Garaufis harmed residents with illogical demands and now his decisions are seriously skewering taxpayers

Here is an excellent article on why selecting Supreme Court Justices — in fact, all Judges — is so important. 

The Daily Signal thinks the Little Sisters may have some hope– even without Justice Scalia.

What is government’s role in private pensions?  The United Mine Workers of America’s pension fund is nearing insolvency and some lawmakers want to bail it out despite the fact that Social Security is also nearing insolvency and little hope that Social Security will survive.