Daily Update

Rob Astorino opines on Gov. Cuomo’s disastrous plan to raise the minimum wage.

This just in from Assemblyman Gary Finch...             “A $15 an hour minimum wage is an extension of the failed policies that have led us to climb down the ladder of success. It is an extension of the failed policies that have made our state dead last in business climate. Instead, we need to cut taxes and reform regulations so that talented job creators and innovative entrepreneurs invest in our communities. They’re the ones who can build ladders of opportunity for the working poor to climb up into the middle class,” said Finch.  

The Empire Center lets us know where Gotham’s money comes from.

Budget talks continue, the State of Politics has the latest here.  Politico New York has more here.

Hillary and the State Department lose again

The North Carolina bathroom debate continues here, here and here.

The CATO Institute opines on the Friedrichs Decision as did the New York Daily News editorial.

Another Climate Alarmist Admits Real Motive Behind Warming Scare

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.