Daily Update

More on why the Governor demands a $15 minimum wage was covered in Friday’s New York Post editorial.  Read it here.

Liberty Street Economics shows that upstate job growth, once thought to be expanding, is actually holding steady at a paltry 0.5 percent.  One has to ask what raising the minimum wage would do to the anemic growth rate. 

Apparently, Governor Cuomo is “cautiously optimistic” that his demands for an increased minimum wage will be reached by Friday.  However, with an additional $2.2 billion need for certain state agencies be included, and where is that additional money coming from?  You don’t have to answer because we all know it is coming from New York’s beleaguered taxpayers.

Speaking of beleaguered taxpayers, Enough with the MTA’s multibillion-dollar bungling.

Senate candidate, Chris McGrath,  running in Long Island, takes a strong stand on term limits, a position that we champion.  When term limits are established, toothless, window-dressing commissions like JCOPE could be eliminated.

If you are still confused about Hillary’s “email/server” problem, the Washington Post has a rather lengthy article explaining how Hillary’s email scandal took root.  Here is more about Hillary’s email problem from the

AG Loretta Lynch dutifully follows President Obama’s undermining of the criminal justice system.  Shame on both of them!

Kurt Schlichter gives us a short history lesson on what could be our future if we fail to make the right choices in this pivotal election year.  Read his thoughtful article For America, the Fall of the Roman Empire Is the Best Case Scenario here.