Daily Update

Politico New York writes that legislators are considering a slower ramp-up for the minimum wage.  Michael Durant, state director of NFIB, correctly notes that “By floating carve-outs the governor is acknowledging that there will, in fact, be serious consequences for small employers and our family farms,” he said. “That in and of itself should give any member of the Senate Republican conference pause before agreeing to such a terrible proposal.”

How does a commission designed to oversee ethics maintain its integrity when the executive director used to work for the Governor?  This is the third consecutive director who has ties with Governor Cuomo, JCOPE conducted a nationwide search for a replacement and received more than 200 resumes and the one chosen has ties to the Governor?  Predetermined comes to mind, so does waste of taxpayer’s money.  Casey Seiler, writing in the Times Union has more insight on the JCOPE appointment.

The Empire Center, a true watchdog of government waste, released its latest critique on the costly extension of one of the Taylor Law’s provisions.  They also issued a press release on the salaries at the Port Authority leading to this editorial in today’s New York Post.

The Daily Signal give us insight into Europe’s breeding ground for terrorBenny Avni skewers President Obama’s reaction, or should we say, lack of reaction.  Almost like the gentleman in the photo used in the NY Post piece…a man nonchalantly walking past a critically injured man lying on the floor.  Obama did take time away from “The Ballgame” to speak to ESPN reporters to explain we can’t let terrorist “disrupt people’s ordinary lives.”

Obamacare is 6 years old today…the Daily Signal takes another look at how it is working, and gives us 6 broken Obamacare promises.

Former Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey was right on Obamacare and she is right on this.

Investor’s Business Daily opines on how astute former President Bill Clinton was on Monday.

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.