Daily Update

President Obama and his family are on another sightseeing tour, only this time, it is in direct disregard for the families of Frank Connor, Werner Foerster and the untold stories of thousands of families who the Castro brothers have thrown into jail for the suppression of internal dissent.  Here is more on the four dangerous criminals Cuba is protecting.  While the President and his family soak up the adulation of the Cuban President, Secretary of State John Kerry will meet with the FARC guerillas to assess the progress of the peace negotiations between the Colombian government and FARC.  Just so you know, The Department of State designated the FARC as a foreign terrorist organization in 1997, and many of its leaders have been indicted in the United States on charges of narcotics trafficking.  Castro lectured the US “double standards” and demand that we return the “illegally occupied” Guantanamo Bay.

According to this NY Daily News article, there is no agreement to raise the minimum wage, yet.  If you subscribe to our emails, you know that we are firmly opposed to raising the minimum wage.  Read our press releases on the opposition memos we have distributed to the members of the state Legislature.  You can amplify our voice by signing our Petition to Stop the Madness and return it to us (Conservative Party of NYS, 486 78th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209) for presentation to Majority Leader John J. Flanagan. 

Tired of voting? Here’s good news: The city’s Campaign Finance Board might soon do the choosing for you.

Why is Supreme Court Judge Alice Schlesinger still a sitting Judge?  Opinions like this endanger all New Yorkers. 

Why bother to test applicants at all, if this is one of the items the FDNY deems important. Seriously, African Killer Bees?

It is disturbing that the NYPD Commissioner is rather nonchalant over the spikes in knife slashings and stabbings.  Commissioner, it matters where, how and why they happen.  Every person needs protection.