Daily Update

Yesterday’s NY Post editorial began with this, “Attention, Gov. Cuomo: It’s time to rethink your “fight for $15,” and takes a look at the damage the $15 an hour is doing in Seattle.   AEI is considered a nonpartisan public policy research institute and you can read the cited report here.

The NY Post follows up on the press release we issued last week on Assemblyman Kaminsky’s proposal to raise the salaries of the legislative members.

The men and women serving in the NYPD are concerned that the dangers they face are greater, the job is more difficult and leadership does not have their backs, so says a new survey by the police union.  On a scale of 1-10, the average rating moral is just 2.94. 

The NY Post editorial board continues to look after the future of New York with this scathing editorial on the Board of Regents.  It begins with “The Board of Regents the ultimate policy-maker for all formal education in New York, from pre-K to post-grad — is back firmly under the thumb of the teachers unions and their allies, none of whom put kids, parents or education first.”  Read the rest of the editorial here.