Weekly Wrap-Up

This week the New York Times gets an “F” in economics with an absurd defense of Andrew Cuomo’s proposed $15 minimum wage. 

There are two studies out on the minimum wage – one that says the pay hike will create jobs and help the economy, and another that shows a devastating effect.

But it’s possible that the rosier study made a big miscalculation.

Meanwhile, as it becomes more likely that both parties’ presidential fights will run long, this week was a tale of two debates…

On the Democratic side, more lies from Hillary Clinton – even as she had the nerve to call the mother of a Benghazi victim a liar

Guy Benson provides a video keeping count of all the lies – and surprisingly, Hillary did face some tough questions about her emails in this week’s debate.
On the Republican side, the GOP circus continues – though everyone was playing nice with Donald Trump at Thursday night’s debate, while Trump himself adopted a softer tone
Ben Carson is playing very nice with Trump now, giving his endorsement just before the Florida primary. 

This week’s poll questions are about the debates – did any of the 2016 debates cause you to change your mind and give your support to a different candidate? What is the biggest issue you think should have been raised more in the Republican debates? What is the one issue you think should have been given more attention in the Democrat debates? 

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As all the campaign drama unfolds, let’s not forget what the 2016 elections are all about…

We’ve got Obamacare to deal with: the program’s disastrous co-ops haven’t repaid $12 billion in taxpayer-funded loans they received, and enrollment numbers are falling short

There’s a “new-and-improved” axis of evil exploiting America’s Obama-Era weakness, and an emboldened (by Obama) Iran showing its muscle

And we’ve got a Supreme Court vacancy that could shape the judiciary and public policy for generations. 

There’s a lot at stake. I’m sure that you, like me, are praying for America. And I hope that you have a great weekend!