Daily Update

Today’s NY Post editorial gives kudos to the state Senate Republican majority’s plan to cut taxes for New Yorkers over a seven-year period.  For more details on the plan, click here. Here is hoping that the Assembly majority and Governor Cuomo listen to what they have to say and seriously consider the republican proposals, as they are listening to the overtaxed residents of New York State.

The New York City Council continues to have a deaf ear when it comes to curbing spending.  They just increased its operating budget by $3 million bringing it to $64 million.  Last year’s total budget was $148 M, no telling how much it will be when they finish it this year.

The members of the City Council have far too much time on their hands if this is what they worry about.  When did it become the responsibility of the City Council to monitor what I eat when I have the opportunity to go out to eat?  Councilwoman Barron: you worry about what you eat, I’ll worry about my family and myself.

Rod Watson, writing in the Buffalo News, apparently agrees that government is overstepping its authority in many different areas.

Here is another example of our government being out of control.  Seriously, civil action against people who do not agree with the government?  Were we all transported to Cuba in our sleep?

Former Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey opines that President Obama may hand over Guantanamo Bay to Raoul when he visits Cuba. 

Do you think President Obama has learned anything from the disastrous Iran Deal

Hillary Clinton how do you sleep at night?  This is the most despicable statement I have ever heard.   Why would they not remember exactly what you and others told them?  You really should hang your head in shame, but you have no concept of what shame is.   

Hillary refuses to answer indictment question at debate.  We now know why Hillary did not want to debate.