February 29, 2016

Monica Crowley opined last week on what President Nixon would have told President Obama on Cuba.  Part of what Ms. Crowley writes is “Instead of challenging the Castros, Mr. Obama is indulging them. His visit will cement the regime’s increasing oppression, grant it international legitimacy and demoralize victims of human rights violators everywhere.”  Read the rest of Ms. Crowley’s column here.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, 25% of discretionary spending is not authorized.  However, while the headline is attention grabbing, I cannot imagine that the FBI or the State Department would not be re-authorized.  What the article proves is that government is far too big and needs to be consolidated.

The minimum wage ends up hurting those it is supposed to help, if in doubt,  ask Oregon. 

Most of the focus on raising the minimum wage has been on the inability for private businesses to absorb the costs.  Government agencies will have the same problem, unable to absorb the increase costs, so taxpayers will need to come up with more money for all the agencies involved.  The disability service providers are currently in Albany, lobbying for an increase in their budgets to pay for the perceived increase.  If the minimum wage is increased, taxpayers will pay.  The other side of the coin is a problem also.  Since the minimum wage for fast food workers was increased by executive fiat, how do you keep responsible workers for the disabled?  Governor Cuomo opened a Pandora’s Box, with is executive fiat, and his obsession to increase the minimum wage in New York is detrimental to every New York citizen.  Cuomo’s obsession to increase the minimum wage seems to cloud his ethics as well as disregard what is best for New Yorkers. 

The NY Daily News opines that crime just keeps happening and wonders how much of the senseless crime is due to the mentally ill not being treated properly. 

Personally I think every citizen should vote and be proud to cast a vote, but this is NOT the way to get them to vote.

New York City schools have some good news for a change, but Mayor de Blasio is not on board to keeping the good news coming.