Weekly Update

President Obama, never one to let the law of the land get in his way, made it perfectly clear that he is determinedto close Guantanamo Bay.  As we noted earlier, even his AG Loretta Lynch, does not agree that he can close Guantanamo.  He even goes as far as to lie about GITMO in order to try and persuade others that he is doing the right thing.   For a man who taught Constitutional law, and who took an oath to uphold our Constitution, it is distressing to say the least, that he obsesses on closing GITMO. Does President Obama forget that therecidivism rate is quite high or does he just choose to ignore it?

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Another issue that is extremely controversial is the decision that the Board of Regents made quietly this week to allow illegal immigrants to obtain a teacher’s license.  How does an illegal immigrantteach the rule of law?  While there is sympathy for the children brought here by their parents, we cannot, should not bend the rules and give them a license to teach.  Breaking the standards for qualifications in one area, opens the door for other standards to be disregarded.   Teachers, who are illegal immigrants, will be hard pressed to teach the rule of law when they are not abiding by it.

The Regents based their decision on President Obama’s executive order on young illegal immigrants known as DACA.  Here is what Marco Rubio said regarding DACA in last night’s debate.  “It will have to end at some moment, and as I said, we will eliminate that executive order. The people that are on it now will not be allowed to renew it and new applicants will now be allowed to apply to it and it’s not because we’re not compassionate to the plight of someone who came here when they were two years old. We understand. I know people who are personally impacted by this. The problem with the executive order is it is unconstitutional. The President doesn’t have the power to do that and he himself admitted that.” 

The Board of Regents has no authority to grant teacher’s licenses based on an unconstitutional executive order.

President Obama is shocked, shocked to see Supreme Court politics.  He seems to haveforgotten what he did as Senator.

With our NYPD and police across our nation under constant attack, it is good to know that Patrolman Eddie Byrne is still remembered by his fellow officers.  Rest in Peace, Officer Byrne.

Have a great weekend.