Weekly Wrap Up

Justice Antonin Scalia is being remembered for his wit and candor this week, and today he lies in repose at the Supreme Court. Video of those paying their respects is here

What will you remember most about Justice Antonin Scalia – his loyalty to the Constitution? His sharp wit? His stands on marriage or the 2nd Amendment? Vote today in our new Weekly Poll.

President Obama won’t be among those mourning Justice Scalia’s passing at his funeral on Saturday. Maybe he has golf plans? At this point, the White House press secretary wouldn’t rule it out.

What does it say to you about President Obama that he is not attending Justice Scalia’s funeral? That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll. 

The battle to replace Scalia on the Supreme Court is brewing – and whatever the outcome, it’s a fight that could blow up the Senate in 2017. The New York Post reports that Scalia actuallynamed his preferred replacement. 

Does this strike you as too soon? Should Republicans and Democrats have waited until after Justice Scalia’s funeral to start battling over his replacement? That’s the final question in the new Weekly Poll.

Meanwhile the South Carolina primary is upon us. 

Is the end near for Jeb Bush? Is Ted Cruz catching up with Trump? Will Marco Rubio be derailed by the immigration issue?

Hillary Clinton says she’s “always tried” to tell the truth – but as we’ve seen in her handling ofclassified emails and her explanations of the Benghazi disaster, just “trying” hasn’t always worked out for her.

Jonah Goldberg believes it’s time for all presidential candidates to get serious about what’s going on in the world.

Finally, President Obama is going to Cuba – a trip that will only benefit the Castro brothers

And Secretary of State John Kerry, seeking help in defeating ISIS, turned to… Hollywood. That sums the Obama Administration up pretty well, if you ask me. 

Have a great weekend!