Daily Update

If you missed Chairman Long on NY 1 last night, you can watch the video here.  Chairman Long discusses the presidential, senatorial and state legislative races.  

Renowned economist Thomas Sowell opines on the lure of socialism — a direction our beloved USA seems to be heading, if this election gives us President Sanders or Clinton.  The greatest country will fail then, like every other socialist country has. 

Since there is renewed interest in the theory that former President George W. Bush could have prevented 911, why isn’t there an outcry over the doctored intelligence report on ISIS?

Fox News examines the Apple vs FBI dispute.  More from Fox News here.  Here is what Judge Andrew Napolitano thinks of the situation.  If Congress can make the difference, then Congress must Do your job!  

Business Council and Governor Cuomo at odds over paid family leave.    Governor Cuomo sure has a strange way of making New York State business friendly — if he continues with the paid family leave and raising the minimum wage,  New York will have very few businesses left in New York State. 

Political writes that the (NYC) Council’s full-time model comes with its own risks. 

Katie Pavlich writes how President Obama isn’t serious about fighting terrorism.