Daily Update

What is the Speaker thinking?  Why would anyone want to send the message that breaking the law, even if considered “low-level” is good policy?  Patrick Lynch is absolutely correct when he stated that “Lack of enforcement of quality-of-life laws endangers the health and welfare of everyone and makes the city a less attractive place to live, work or visit.”  We would add that ignoring the “low-level” infractions dilutes the seriousness of other infractions.

How can anyone send their child to public school in New York City — especially when at one time not that long ago the New York City public education system was one of the best in our nation.  The NY Post Editorial Board is very clear on how to help students, something that Governor Andrew Cuomo seems to have abandoned for the support of the Teacher’s Union. This Politico article wants to give some hope that things might change, however, as long as the NYS Assembly under the control of NYC democrats, continues to be the majority voting bloc, I have little hope that the interview process discussed is little more than show for the parents who care.

The Washington Examiner takes a hard, honest look at the New Hampshire results

Seth Lipsky wants to know what is Bernie Sanders hiding about his radical history?

Andrew Malcolm opines on so many coincidences help Hillary Clinton in her email scandal. 

E. J. McMahon writing in NY Torch explains why Speaker Heastie is wrong to call for a new soak-the-rich tax hike proposal.