Project Category: Legislative Program


Election fraud exists despite the left’s insistence that it does not. Political machines throughout the nation used the pandemic as an excuse to flood elections with easy to forge mail-in ballots, plant fraud-ready street corner drop boxes, and block legally required bi-partisan public inspection of ballots. Our freedom depends upon an election system that has the full faith of the American people.

The Conservative Party Supports:

  • Defeat of attempts, like 2021’s HR-1, to prevent states from safeguarding the integrity of their elections.
  • Affirmation and implementation of voter ID laws for all elections.
  • The immediate enjoining of election officials who attempt to undermine legally required ballot integrity procedures.
  • The deploying of attorneys and law enforcement to boards of elections and polling places that have a history of fraud.


Congress created the federal Department of Education in 1979 under the auspices of President Jimmy Carter with the intent to establish policy for administers and coordinates most federal aid to education. It helps the president in executing his education policies for the nation and in implementing laws enacted by Congress. Prior to its existence, states were responsible for school policies. Instead of achieving the goal, it has failed the students it purported to help.


The Department of Education has evolved into a bureaucracy that provides more benefits for teachers and administrators than for students. The progressive left has co-opted Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and is a strong influence in the National Education Association which has weakened the quality of education and replaced it with ideologies that have little to do with the great history of our country. History is facts, both good and ugly at times, but unless our students are taught the facts, America is doomed to become a third-rate country unable to lift the standard of living as we have throughout our history.

The Conservative Party Supports:

  • Phasing out the Department of Education.
  • School choice through vouchers and tax credits.
  • Homeschooling and charter schools.
  • Complete curriculum transparency; provide it to parents in the beginning of the school year.
  • History must be accurate, taught without preferential themes.
  • Ending federal money grants for educational institutions who stifle free speech.
  • Sex education topics should not be available prior to Junior High School.

The Family

Every successful free society rests on strong family structures. For half a century, the family structure in the United States has been under constant attack. We support tax policies that favor families and marriage. We believe we must reengage family participation in the education of our children. This requires the elimination of Federal mandates which override local control of schools. Federal bureaucrats should not be setting educational policies.

The Conservative Party Supports: 

  • The traditional family as the essential foundation of a free, moral, and prosperous society. 
  • The growing homeschooling movement. We oppose government mandates on homeschooling. 
  • School choice, so parents are not forced to send their children to failing schools.
  • Parental rights to be informed of and control their children’s healthcare decisions and exposure to gender convolution.