Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap Up 5/31/24


I spent a good part of the past week on the road supporting our candidates, visiting with party leaders, supporters and attending events across the state. 

Joe Cairo, the Nassau GOP Chairman, invited myself and Nassau Conservative Party Chairman Dan Donovan to join the GOP organization at Nassau Night in Albany. Elected officials ranging from County Executive Bruce Blakeman, State Senators, Assemblymembers, local elected officials, party officials and Congressman Anthony D’Esposito, were a reminder of how strong the GOP and Conservative Parties are in Nassau County. 

The next day began with an early breakfast with Albany area financial supporters of the Party. I then made my way down the Thruway to Orange County where I held a press roundtable with Congressional candidate Alison Esposito, Assembly candidate Tom Lapolla, and Orange County Conservative Party Chairwoman Grace White. We had good press coverage with many of our party people in attendance including the esteemed former Chairman John DeLessio.

Dorey Houle, the Republican and official Conservative Party candidate for State Senate in Orange County faces a Conservative Party primary from Tim Mitts, who re-enrolled as a Conservative on February 14th – the last possible day. It is clear that he is a spoiler put up by liberal Democratic Senator James Skoufis to drain votes from Dorey, who came within a hair of beating him two years ago.  Grace, Allison, and Tom used the roundtable to not only discuss important issues in their campaigns, but also to express our strong support for Dorey.

Then, onto Tappan in Rockland County with our Director of Operations, Andrew Davis, to push for the re-election of Assemblyman John McGowan. The Assemblyman, a former Prosecutor, has a 92% Conservative Party rating. He faces a serious challenge from a well-funded Democratic local office holder.  Once again there is a Conservative Party primary by a candidate who is quick to admit that he is no more than a spoiler candidate.  John is the official party nominee. I was pleased to be joined by County Executive Ed Day, GOP Chairman Lawrence Garvey and Conservative Party Regional Vice Chairman Bill Beckmann for the enlightening press conference. 

Later in Eastchester, I gave remarks at State Senate candidate Tricia Lindsay’s incredibly successful fundraiser. It was wall-to-wall people in a large room with enthusiasm and excitement permeating the air. Our Eastchester Chairman, Bob Fois, was front and center. It was great to share speaking duties with Bobbie Anne Cox, State Senator George Borrello, County Legislator Jimmy Nolan, Joe Pinion, and GOP Chairman Doug Colety. 

I hope to spend many days over the next six months on the road meeting with Party leaders, candidates, the press, supporters and anyone wishing to help the Conservative cause.

Trump Verdict

In a deeply flawed decision, President Trump was convicted on 34 felony counts in a highly biased Manhattan courtroom. This was a verdict most Americans view as a culmination of a prolonged and politically motivated campaign to undermine a president who has consistently championed American values and fought against the entrenched establishment.

I accompanied President Trump for one day of the trial, at which time I saw firsthand the prejudice displayed by Judge Merchan against President Trump. In addition to the judge, I watched the prosecutors given every opportunity to affect the jury outcome, while the defense attorneys were stymied at every opportunity. It was a Manhattan jury, probably the worst place in America for Trump to get a fair trial. Unfortunately, I was proven right. 

In my opinion, this conviction backfired on the Democratic party; Americans will remember this come November. 

This relentless pursuit of President Trump has diverted significant resources and attention away from pressing national, state, and local issues that New Yorkers really care about. As you saw in the deep blue Bronx last week, New Yorkers are fed up with failing Democrat policies, and this distraction will not deter them from voting for Trump. 

Looking ahead to November 5th, the New York State Conservative Party is committed to rallying behind President Trump, confident that the American people will see through this unjust prosecution and vote to restore common sense back to office. The New York State Conservative Party, and our members, proudly stand with President Trump.