Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up 11/3/23


It might seem obvious that we should all vote, but several studies have shown that 20% of New Yorkers who say they are going to vote – do not. With nine days of in-person early voting, absentee voting, and of course, election-day voting, there really should be no excuse. 

Yet I know it to be true from my petitioning. The walking lists many in the Conservative Party use show the last year someone voted. It is amazing the number of enrolled Conservative Party members who failed to vote in the Presidential and/or Gubernatorial elections.  

You can still vote early this Saturday or Sunday. Bank your vote. My wife Janet and I voted early in person on Thursday.

Regardless, make a plan for you and your family to vote. The Conservative Party can run radio spots, digital ads, send text messages and robocalls in an effort to cause New Yorkers to see the value in supporting our candidates and our Party. However, in the end, all the Party’s efforts come down to everyone receiving this email voting and hopefully voting Conservative.

You can read our full “Pre-Election Day” press release here:


This comes under the heading that good things happen to those who are patient.  Newly elected Speaker Mike Johnson of Louisiana, based on his record and public statements, is likely the most conservative Speaker of the House of Representatives in modern times.

Speaker Johnson for the conservative movement is the whole package. He has been clear that he places equal importance on a conservative social agenda, with the many other pressing matters he needs to consider. To that point, the sanctity of life and the protection of parental rights are certain to be a high priority.

He will only consider stand-alone spending bills. This is long overdue and should please the many of us who distrust omnibus legislation.

His record on the Second Amendment is perfect. And to that point, he is a constitutional lawyer in a Congress that needs to pay more attention to the Constitution.

Maybe best of all, Americans can sleep more soundly knowing they have a Speaker with a moral compass.

The margin in the House for the GOP majority is way too close. Keeping Mike Johnson Speaker is another good reason for us to double our efforts in electing Conservative – Republicans to Congress next year.


Our annual Conservative Party Political Action Conference returns to downtown Albany, at the Albany Hilton Hotel, on Sunday, February 4th, and Monday, February 5th (40 Lodge St, Albany, NY 12207). Much more information will be coming soon. 


We would like to thank all of our Sponsors and those who purchased Journal Ads for our Fall Reception held October 25, 2023.  We also thank all those who came out that night and supported the event.  To view the Journal click here.