2017 Assembly Ratings Short Description of Bills Used

1. A.3039-C Budget/S2009-C – Budget: CPNYS opposed this bill that enacts into law the major components of legislation necessary to implement the state fiscal pan for the 2017-2018 state fiscal year that continues the reckless spending.

2. A.3003-D Budget/S2003-D Budget: CPNYS opposes this bill that contains Medicaid funding for abortions.

3. S. 4158-Felder/A. 4883-Cusick: CPNYS supports this bill that relates to establishing a moratorium on the implementation of any local
law, ordinance, rule, or regulation related to charging a fee for carryout merchandise bags or a fee of similar effect.

4. S. 4999-D Alcantara/A. 7270 Crespo: CPNYS opposes this bill that provides a television writers’ and directors’ fees and salaries credit.

5. A. 5667-A Quart/S. 4769-Savino: CPNYS supports this bill that defines gravity knives.

6. A. 6756-Morelle/S. 1022 Funke: CPNYS supports this bill that makes it a Class A misdemeanor if a firefighter is obstructed from
performing emergency medical care.

7. A. 6954-A Englebright/S. 5422-A Boyle: CPNYS is opposed to this bill that requires certain counties to use heating oil that contains at
least 5% biodiesel

8. A.7006 Gottfried/S. 5629 Savino: CPNYS is opposed to increasing the types of conditions that “medical” marijuana is used for.

9. A. 7082 Cusick/S. 5470 Lanza: CPNYS is opposed to extending the moratorium on the issuance of environmental safety certificates for facilities and routes for the transportation of liquefied natural or petroleum gas.

10. A. 7688 Gunther/S. 6726 Young: CPNYS supports extending the expiration of Kendra’s Law.

11. A. 8427-A Morelle/S. 6639-A Robach: CPNYS supports the “Buy America Act.”

12. A. 40001 Rules (Heastie): CPNYS opposes this bill that enacts into law major components of legislation relating to issues deemed
necessary for the state which only continues the expansion of NYS government at the cost of taxpayers.

13. A. 7193-C Perry/ S. 5643-B Savino: CPNYS is opposed to this bill that provides for automatic enrollment to all pension eligible

14. A. 566-A Jaffee/s. 3791-A Krueger: CPNYS opposes this bill that seeks to prohibit employers from discriminating against employees
based on reproductive health decisions and allows for a civil action to recover “damages” by unduly restricting the religious liberty of
faith-based employers.

15. A. 658 Rosenthal/S. 5480 Montgomery: CPNYS opposes this bill that seeks to establish a policy of equal pay for both sexes and
equivalent value of work and directs corrective action.

16. A. 1378 Cahill/S. 3666 Bonacic: CPNYS opposes the “comprehensive contraception coverage act” that seeks to provide insurance coverage for FDA-approved contraceptive drugs, devices and products including voluntary sterilization procedures while prohibiting a health insurance policy from imposing any cost-sharing requirements or other restrictions/delays with respect to this coverage.

17. A. 2064 Kavanagh/S. 2950 Stewart-Cousins: CPNYS opposes this bill that seeks to allow for early voting in New York State.

18. A. 2343 Aubry/S. 2425-A Carlucci: CPNYS opposes this bill that seeks to require employers to make a conditional offer of employment before inquiring about any criminal convictions of a prospective employee.

19. A. 2967-A Moya/S 2664 Hamilton: CPNYS opposes this bill that seeks to require car wash workers in a city of one million or more to be paid the minimum wage without allowance for gratuities.

20. A. 3039 Moya/S. 471-A Peralta: CPNYS opposes this bill that seeks to provide financial assistance to those who are not legal citizens of New York or America. Citizenship has its privileges and while we understand the necessity of education, providing scholarships and
financial aid is an opportunity that must be reserved to those who are in this country legally.

21. A. 3049-B Moya/S. 4075-A Serrano: CPNYS opposes this bill that essentially seeks to make New York State a sanctuary state by
amending the executive law to add a new article regarding relations with immigrant communities and detention of certain persons and
establishes a right to legal representation for persons subject to removal or deportation proceedings.

22. A. 3358 Gottfried/S. 502 Squadron: CPNYS is opposed to this Orwellian thought-crimes bill and strongly believed what when a person is discriminated against there are current laws that those who harm others will be charged with.

23. A. 4738 Gottfried/S. 4840 Rivera: CPNYS is opposed to the establishment of the New York Health Plan that seeks to establish a universal single-payer health plan for all New Yorkers.

24. A 4882 Crespo: CPNYS opposes this bill that seeks to keep from disclosure any materials submitted in support of applications for the
New York City Identification card.

25. A. 8270-A Englebright/S. 6617-A Avella: CPNYS opposes this bill that seeks to enact the New York State Climate and Community
Protection Act that would establish the NYS Climate Action Council with 25 members including state agencies and individuals with
expertise in environmental issues, environmental justice, labor and regulated industries; it would seek to establish that climate change isadversely affecting economic well-being, public health, natural resources and the environment of New York.

The first 13 Bills passed both houses; the final 12 Bills only passed in their own house.