Short Description of Bills Used for Senate 2015 Ratings

(The first 10 Bills were considered in both Houses; the last 15 bills passed the Senate only)

1. S. 7 Lanza/ A. 506 Paulin: This bill seeks to improve the State’s response to human trafficking in order to end this travesty perpetrated by buyers and traffickers. CPNYS supports this bill.

2. S. 2003C/A. 3003C Budget: CPNYS opposes the Budget Bill that contains taxpayers’ dollars for abortions.

3. S. 2004C/A. 3004C Budget: CPNYS opposes the Budget Bill that squandered the state’s windfall on gimmicks instead of fixing the state’s infrastructure or paying down the state’s debt.

4. S. 3203A-Golden/A. 4969B-Simotas: CPNYS supports the bill that increases the penalty when a person subjects another person to sexual contact for personal gratification or to degrade/abuse another individual while using public transportation.

5. S. 4239-Murphy/A 6255 Rosenthal: CPNYS supports the bill that authorizes eligible defendants, in the judicial diversion program who need treatment for opioid abuse or dependence, to receive certain medically prescribed treatment.

6. S. 4954-Marchione/A. 6258-Magnarelli: CPNYS opposes the bill that extends the borrowing practices of local governments in an effort to provide localities the ability to maintain financial flexibility. While this bill helps manage the expenses of mandates, localities need relief from mandates, not a method to borrow and prolong payments that continue to keep taxes high.

7. S. 4978A-Young/A.7912 Wright: CPNYS opposes the bill that increases the bonding authority of the NYS Housing Finance Agency by $3B to a maximum aggregated amount of $21.780 B.

8. S. 5969-LaValle/A. 8244-Glick: The bill, known as “Yes Means Yes”, provides $10 M in taxpayer’s money for colleges to implement response policies and procedures for sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking prevention.

9. S. 5972-Seward/A.6780-Simotas: CPNYS supports the bill that allows a pregnant individual to enroll in the state health insurance exchange at any time.

10. S. 6012-Flanagan/A.8323-Heastie: CPNYS opposes this bill that incorporates many different issues that are unrelated and should be voted on individually, for example rent control, extending the tax cap, extending mayoral control of NY City schools and a Yonkers bailout as well as giving the Governor, current and former, the ability to solemnize marriages.

11. S. 447- Marcellino: CPNYS supports the bill that creates the crime of aggravated criminal conduct (aggravated criminal conduct is a class E felony) where an individual commits a misdemeanor and has been previously subjected to four or more qualifying misdemeanors.

12. S. 455 – Marcellino: CPNYS supports the bill that establishes, as a class C felony, the crime of terrorism recruitment.

13. S. 894 – Avella: CPNYS opposes the proposed amendment to the state constitution that would increase the terms of office of members of the legislature to four years without limiting the number of terms a legislator can serve.

14. S. 1460 – Golden: CPNYS supports the bill that seeks to create a “blue alert system” to aid in the apprehension of any individuals suspected of killing or seriously wounding any law enforcement officer.

15. S. 1483 – LaValle: CPNYS supports the bill that seeks to increase from twenty-four months to sixty months, the time for which reconsideration for parole for a violent felony offense shall be determined.

16. S. 1976 – Golden: CPNYS supports the bill that seeks to provide incentives (tax credit) for donations to public education entities, school improvement organizations, local education funds and educational scholarship organizations.

17. S. 2295 – Griffo: CPNYS supports the bill that requires any state mandated program imposed on municipalities and school districts to be funded by the state.

18. S. 2720 — Griffo: CPNYS supports the bill that authorizes the state board of parole to require that a violent felony offender serve their maximum term, if release would pose an imminent threat to society.

19. S. 2968 — Funke: CPNYS supports the bill that requires if a state mandate imposes a cost upon a school district that it may not be imposed after the adoption of a school budget.

20. S. 3438 – Young: CPNYS supports the bill that seeks to require that recipients of welfare benefits who do not have a high school or equivalency diploma to participate in good faith in an educational program to provide them with either.

21. S. 4163 – Amedore: CPNYS supports establishing the crime of homicide by sale of an opiate controlled substance.

22. S. 4505 – Lanza: CPNYS supports the bill that prohibits expenditure of state, local or public authority moneys relating to federal terrorism trials in the state of New York.

23. S. 4611 – Budget: CPNYS supports the proposed constitutional amendment to require forfeiture of legislator’s pension benefits, rights and privileges if convicted of a felony involving breach of public trust.

24. S. 5837 – Seward: CPNYS supports the bill that seeks to amend the NY SAFE Act through a series of reforms.

25. S. 5954 – Flanagan: CPNYS supports the bill that seeks to make needed reforms to ensure students are afforded a high quality education and that educators are provided with a fair and robust APPR system.