Short Description of Bills Used for Assembly 2013 Ratings

(The first 12 Bills passed both Houses with Bill # 2 Double Rated; the last 12 bills passed the Assembly only)

1. S1184A – Maziarz / A7906 Sweeney: This bill requires that all heating oil sold within certain counties to be bioheating fuel. CPNYS
supports methods to reduce air pollution and seeks to reduce our dependency on foreign energy, but firmly believes that the free market should be the driving force in doing so, not government mandates, we therefore oppose this bill.

2. S 2230 – Klein / A2388 – Silver: This bill enacts the NY SAFE Act of 2013. CPNYS has double rated the bill that abridges’ a citizen’s
right to bear arms.

3. S2606D Budget / A3006D Budget: CPNYS opposes this budget bill that continues to use tax dollars to fund abortions.

4. S2604E Budget / A3004E Budget: CPNYS opposes this budget bill that continues spending at levels that force government to increase
taxes to a level unsustainable to New York’s citizens.

5. S3564A – Bonacic / A4810A- Abbate: This bill seeks to regulate the practice of “job order contracting” regarding public work projects. CPNYS opposes this bill that increases the cost of doing business in New York State and ultimately costs the taxpayers more.

6. S5069a – Skelos / A7188A – Paulin: CPNYS supports this bill that restricts parental rights of sexual perpetrators when a child is born as a result of sexual offenses.

7. S5082 – Young / A7405 – Wright: CPNYS opposes this bill that increases the bonding authority of the New York City housing
development corporation from $10,250,000,000 to $11, 250,000,000.

8. S5083 – Seward / A6855 – Silver: CPNYS supports this bill that prohibits investments in foreign states sponsoring terrorism.

9. S5844 – Rules / A8073 – Sweeney: This bill seeks to reorganize LIPA that is deeply in debt despite charging ratepayers some of the
highest rates in the nation. Unfortunately this reorganization does very little to protect the ratepayers as it keeps some of the most egregious problems (PILOT payments) in place. CPNYS opposes this bill.

10. S5883 – Bonacic / A8101 – Pretlow: This bill gives a sweetheart deal to the Oneida Indians at the expense of taxpayers in the
surrounding counties. CPNYS opposes the bill.

11. S5898 – Bonacic / A8068 – Pretlow: CPNYS opposes the bill that allows for up to seven state owned casinos in New York State.

12. S5903 – Libous / A8113 – Silver: Government should not be in the business of deciding which business will win or fail and not create specific areas that are tax-free. CPNYS opposes this bill that carves out specific areas in New York State instead of cutting taxes across the board for all businesses and employees.

13. S2606D – Budget Amendment: This Amendment to the Health and Mental Hygiene Budget Bill would remove taxpayer funding of
abortions. CPNYS supports the amendment.

14. A38 – Wright: CPNYS opposes this bill that seeks to raise the minimum wage to $9.00 per hour and each January 1 thereafter with the rate indexed to inflation.

15: A689 – Silver: CPNYS opposes unfunded mandates and sees this bill that seeks to add additional days and hours to voting as a financial burden on counties already struggling to pay for the unfunded mandates previously required by the state legislature.

16. A753 – Rosenthal: CPNYS strongly believes that the market place should determine the wages of its employees, not government, and therefore opposes this bill that seeks to establish a policy of equal pay for equivalent value of work.

17. A1507 – Lentol: CPNYS acknowledges that a child seeing their parent arrested can be devastating to the child, however, this bill that seeks to implement child-sensitive arrest policies and procedures could lead to unintended consequences. CPNYS opposes this bill.

18. A2597 – Moya: CPNYS opposes this bill, known as the “DREAM Act.” The “DREAM Act” is an affront to the thousands of parents who are legal residents in New York State and cannot afford to send their children to college.

19. A2736 – Clark: CPNYS opposes this bill that seeks to exclude evidence in the prosecution of the crime of prostitution.

20. A3569 – Peoples-Stokes: CPNYS opposes this bill that seeks to create a permanent environmental justice advisory group to require
state agencies to adopt and abide by effective environmental justice policies.

21. A4880 – Silver: CPNYS opposes this bill that seeks to expand public financing of primary and general elections and for the first time in New York law define “independent expenditures” and “express advocacy.”

22. A5424 – Sweeney: CPNYS opposes this bill that seeks to impose a moratorium on the issuance of hydrofracking permits.

23. A6716 – Camara: CPNYS opposes this bill that seeks to allow the public display of marihuana (up to 15 grams) which is currently a
Class B misdemeanor.

24. A8070 – Titus: CPNYS opposes this Bill, proposed by Governor Cuomo as the “Woman’s Equality Act” that seeks to radically expand
New York’s already liberal abortion law.