Fort Hamilton Station, NY (10/15/12) The Conservative Party released its ratings for the 2012 Legislative Session today in order
to keep the electorate knowledgeable of how their legislators voted on 19 key bills acted upon in the current year and the tax
increase from last year.

The Conservative Party tracks legislation throughout the session, issues support and opposition memos, and determines, at an
executive committee meeting, which key issues including spending, crime, education, nanny state legislation and various other
topics that affect the lives of New Yorkers, will be used. “We believe that it is necessary to keep the public informed of these
key votes and let the taxpayers be aware of how elected officials spend our money. We look beyond the budget bills to
consider how other legislation effects the cost of business and living in New York,” said Mike Long, State Chairman.

“A review of the twenty bills used in this year’s ratings will show voters where the bills passed are erroneous and where they
have helped New Yorkers,” said Long. “The ratings give voters a scorecard on how their individual legislator voted on a cross
section of bills considered in the legislative session,” said Long.

Chairman Long noted that overall the Legislature considered fewer bill in this session than they have in past years ensuring
better results for New Yorkers and their tax burden. In fact, conservative ratings have increased, in part, due to the
understanding of the dire fiscal crisis New York is trying to eliminate. If the Members of the Legislature continue to listen to
the voters, New York may once again lead the Nation in economic growth. Last December, the members of the Conservative
Party were very vocal against the passage of the “millionaires tax” and we will be continue to be vocal if the legislators return
after Election Day to pass legislation that increases spending or is not a wise use of taxpayer funds.

The Members of both Houses increased their conservative ratings significantly in 2012. This year the overall New York State
Senate rating is 72.54% up from 51.22% in 2011. The overall rating of 47.61% of the New York State Assembly increased 30%
from the 2011 ratings. They still have a long way to go, but both Houses have tried to stop the hemorrhaging of our tax dollars.
In the Senate, Conservatives endorsed 1 Democrat and 33 Republicans who averaged an 82.46% rating up 25% from last year.
The Senate Democrats averaged 60.17% up 81.6% from 2011. In the Assembly, the 3 Democrats and 42 Republicans with Conservative endorsement averaged a 76.64%; the 50 Republican members averaged a 75.06% while the 100 Democrats averaged a 33.89%, up from 19.55% in 2011.

“Voters should review our ratings and send a message to their legislators that conservatism really does make a difference and
vote on the Conservative Line. By doing that, we believe New York will become a business friendly place that people no longer
have to flee in order to save on taxes,” Long concluded.

(Ratings are online at If you have a problem downloading, please call:
718-921-2158 or 518-356-7882 for a copy of the Ratings. Thank you.)