Short Description of Bills Used for Senate 2012 Ratings

(The first 10 Bills passed both houses; the last 10 passed the Senate only)

1. S.50002 – Budget /A. 40002-Budget (Passed Dec. 2011): CPNYS opposed this budget bill passed at the end of the calendar year
2011 that increased the top personal income tax rate for a net tax increase of $1.5 billion per year.

2. A.8668-A Silver/S.5917-A Skelos: CPNYS supports this bill that prohibits entities that invest in the Iranian energy sector from
receiving state contracts under most circumstances.

3. A.9053-E Budget/S. 6253-E Budget: CPNYS supports this Aid-to-Localities bill that kept the spending increase to 1.9% of FY 2012. In
all funds spending of $132.6 Billion actually had a decrease of 1% from FY 2012 levels.

4. A.9056-D Budget/S.6256-Budget: CPNYS opposes this bill that continues to fund abortions.

5. A.9059-Budget/S.6259-D Budget: CPNYS supports this budget revenue bill that did not include any new taxes.

6. A.9380-B DenDekker/S.7775 Golden: CPNYS supports this bill that authorizes the NYS Division of Homeland Security and
Emergency Services to establish and maintain a confidential database, based on information given voluntarily, that can help law
enforcement agencies after a crime has been committed.

7. A.9558-Rules/ S.6735 Rules: CPNYS supports the creation of Tier VI for new employees in state and local governments in the hope
of giving fiscal relief to taxpayers, local and state government.

8. A.10050-Lopez,V/S.6899-Young: CPNYS opposes this bill that increases the bonding authority to $17, 280,000,000 granted to the
NYS Housing Finance Agency. (The bonding authority has increased biennial basis since 2000.)

9. A.10623-Rules/S.7637-Lanza: CPNYS supports this bill, known as I-STOP, seeking to curb the diversion and abuse of prescription

10. A.10786 Rules/S.7792 Rules: CPNYS supports this bill that requires public disclosure of the new Annual Professional Performance Reviews (“APPRs”) of teachers and principals in order for parents to be better informed of the quality of education provided to their children.

11. S.714-A Robach: CPNYS supports this bill that seeks to create a new crime relating to the use of computers for the purpose of
committing sexual offenses against children.

12. S.716 Robach: CPNYS supports this proposal to establish an annual spending growth cap and increasing the maximum capacity of the rainy day fund.

13. S.932 Marcellino: CPNYS supports the establishment of a crime of terrorism recruitment.

14. S.1407-B Golden: CPNYS supports the establishment of stiffer sentences to criminals who use firearms to commit felonies.

15. S.1539 Skelos: CPNYS has been a long time proponent of imposing life imprisonment without parole for persistent violent felony offenders.

16. S.1541 Skelos: CPNYS supports this bill that increases criminal penalties for sexual contact between a minor and a person in a
position of trust.

17. S.2732-C Golden: CPNYS has been a long time supporter of an education investment tax credit.

18. S.3871 Lanza: CPNYS supports prohibiting expenditures of state, local or public authority moneys relating to federal terrorism trials in the state of New York.

19. S.6881 Young: CPNYS supports creating incentives for counties to investigate and prosecute Medicaid fraud.

20. S.7671 Libous: CPNYS supports this bill that seeks to prohibit the sale or purchase of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or
lottery tickets with public assistance benefits and the electronic withdrawal of public assistance benefits in casinos, liquor stores and
establishments providing adult-oriented entertainment.