Daily Update

June 6, 1944...73 years later, we MUST remember D-Day and thank the greatest generation for their sacrifices.  Today we thank the brave young men and women who are protecting the values the greatest generation fought for ... Freedom...the freedom to be all that we can be.  We Salute you and pray for you and your families.  

De Blasio’s Puerto-Rican-Parade pants are on fire.  

Right Mr. Mayor, like you have done such a great job...NOT. 

Bill Hammond questions Gov. Cuomo's resistance Rx..   

Do you want to know how your property taxes become so high?  Unfunded mandates!  

Betsy McCaughey writes:  the war on e-cigs is now national.  Betsy certainly hits the nail on the head with this, "Hypocrisy has reached new heights, even by Washington’s standards. The same left-wing senators who support needle-exchange and methadone programs to reduce harm to drug addicts and demand condoms for high-schoolers are waging war against the most effective harm reducer of all — e-cigarettes."

CA Governor Flying to China to Defy Trump on Climate Deal.  He really should read the US Constitution before he makes a complete fool of himself.  

Any doubt that Governor Cuomo is running for President?  However, Gov. Cuomo should remember this.