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Daily Update

The NY Post editorial board opines on Mayor de Blasio’s whine. 

“New York’s public-sector unions are eager to lock in members who might flee if an expected US Supreme Court ruling gives them the right to escape. And state Senate Republicans may play along.”  This quote is from another editorial in the NY Post today, encouraging  Senate Republicans to reject  the scheme to trap workers in public sector unions.  The Conservative Party agrees that the Alcantara Bill must not be enacted. 

Councilman:  This is NOT government’s responsibility! 

When will legislators stop wasting time introducing “Nanny State” legislation?  I sometimes think they purposely try to dumb down the electorate just to stay in elective office. 

Really Governor?  You flatter yourself.  Cuomo fears Russian interference in governor’s race

Citizens of our great nation have a unique privilege in choosing who their government officials are, a responsibility, in fact, to vote.  Early voting is not the answer to get more citizens to vote; in fact, early voting can lead to fraud, not knowing all of the facts about candidates and increased costs.  This CNY election boss thinks our lifestyle in the 21st century makes voting a “burden” and thinks there should be 12 days set aside for early voting.  He is wrong and refuses to look at the facts that disprove his theory. 

Ben Shapiro exposes a Washington Post columnist who pens FRIGHTENING defense of Marxism: ‘It’s Time to Give Socialism A Try.’

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) elected in 2016 was California’s Attorney General prior to becoming California’s Junior Senator.  Knowing her background, one would think she follows Supreme Court decisions and the effect they have on America.  This being said, it makes her appearance on MSNBC yesterday, slamming AG Jeff Session’s speech on California ignoring the nation’s immigration laws and likening it to nullification all the more puzzling.  Like it or not, an Obama-Administration Precedent May Doom California’s Effort to Make Itself a ‘Sanctuary State’, writes David French in National Review on line.  Mr. French does not totally agree that the US Supreme Court’s decision will  or should be upheld in the current case, but, as he notes, conservatives would find it sweet if California lost because of Obama’s efforts. 

Nancy Pelosi – you may want to think about retiring

Kudos to Tucker Carlson.  His new weekly series on Men in America – each Wednesday in March on Fox News – should be nominated for an Emmy, but being known as a conservative commentator, I doubt that will happen.  In case you missed the first episode:  watch it here